Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Second round of negotiations is set for August.

It seems that Morocco and Polisario decided to meet again in August to continue their negotiations about the Western Sahara. No word has filtered about what exactly they agreed on in Manhasset, but apparently both parties camped on their 180 degree far away positions. Well, at least they agreed on something peaceful.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Western Sahara at the US Congress, again...

On June 6th, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs organized a Hearing on the topic of the U.S Policy Challenges in North Africa. Chaired by Tom Lantos, the Committee questionned David Welch, Assistant Secreatry of State for Near Eastern Affairs. The Hearing discussed the U.S relations with the North African countries, mainly Morocco, Algeria and Libya. The Western Sahara conflict was the first issue to be discussed. In fact, the opening statement of Lantos started with the Western Sahara. A transcript of some of Welch testimony is also available.